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Orange Bike Frames

orange bike frames

    bike frames
  • (Bike frame) A bicycle frame is the main component of a bicycle, on to which wheels and other components are fitted. The modern and most common frame design for an upright bicycle is based on the safety bicycle, and consists of two triangles, a main triangle and a paired rear triangle.

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Milwaukee Orange One (not so orange)

Milwaukee Orange One (not so orange)

So here (finally) is my new bike. Not the best pix, and I hope to take some during daylight soon. But here are the important details:

Frame: Milwaukee Orange One (56cm) Made by Waterford Precision Cycles, WI
Front Wheel: Formula Hub, Velocity Fusion Rim
Rear Wheel: Shimano Nexus8 Red Band, Velocity Fusion Rim
Crank: Sugino RD 48t
Chain: Izumi Eco
BB: Tange
Stem: Nitto UI 5GX (90mm)
Handlebar: Nitto Moustache
Headset: Cane Creek
Saddle: Brooks B17 Black
Seatpost: Kalloy
Rack: Nitto R-15
Fenders: SKS
Pedals: MKS Touring Lite
Brakes: Tektro
Tires: Continental Sport Contact

2011 Condor Fratello frameset in orange

2011 Condor Fratello frameset in orange

It's not the custom frameset I was hoping for - but that will happen, I can now afford to take my time and find a builder. I won't have the stress of not really having a suitable bike for what I was doing.

Lovely frameset and without a doubt, the best experience I have ever had in a bike shop - they are awesome!

Building it up as quickly as I can - test ride this weekend, and then it will hopefully be ready for the Elenith 300km ride in 2 weeks!

orange bike frames

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