Toddler Bike Handle. Exercise Bicycle Stand

Toddler Bike Handle

toddler bike handle

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IMG 4783

IMG 4783

Hm. Mystery dent in the freshly powedered frame. Toddler, rough-handling by the coater? We just don't know.

These photos document my Carpetbagger project, a fixed-gear build fitted with S&S Couplers to be used as a travel bike. The general details of the build sheet are:

1. SOMA Rush frame, 56cm: stripped, coupled, then powdercoated in a color to match my sweet, sweet MINI.

2. S&S Couplers: break-away coupler set to allow the bike to be packed in an airline compliant case and avoid bike shipping fees; assembled by Tom at 4130

3. SOMA Sparrow bars

4. Odyssey finger lever

5. Shimano medium reach brake with Kool-Stops

6. Handmade wheels by 718c.com with Velocity Fusions and All-City hubs in bright polished silver.

7. Panaracer Pasela 700x23 tyres

8. Elkhide by Velo Orange, hand stitched

9. Custom bar end caps made from vintage typewriter keys.

10. Velo-Orange Stem and Seatpost

11. Brooks Swallow, Honey

12. Sugino 75 drivetrain: 72 inchgear

Love it.
Team Lope Tyre Clubbe

Pretty bike rider

Pretty bike rider

Spotted at the bus stop. Love the little streamers on the handles, the pretty dress, and matching helmet. Mom was pushing from the back.

toddler bike handle

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