Tule bike racks : Hardtail downhill bike.

Tule Bike Racks

tule bike racks

    bike racks
  • (Bike Rack) The stand that holds bicycles in place in the transition area so a competitor can quickly get on his / her bike.

  • A large bulrush that is abundant in marshy areas of California

  • Schoenoplectus acutus (syn. Scirpus acutus, Schoenoplectus lacustris, Scirpus lacustris subsp. acutus), called tule , common tule, hardstem tule, tule rush, hardstem bulrush, or viscid bulrush, is a giant species of sedge in the plant family Cyperaceae, native to freshwater marshes all over

  • Tules is a village in the municipality of Aleksandrovac, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 496 people.

  • Tule is a plant (Schoenoplectus acutus) and a term referring to tule fog, a weather phenomenon of California's Central Valley, as well as the following United States places: Arizona: *Tule Desert, in Coconino County *Tule Mountains, in Yuma County

Tule - Risqué

Tule - Risqué

Escolhi o Tule para a passar o Natal...este esmalte e perfeito , um classico!!! Nao poderia faltar na minha colecao de jeito nenhum...rsrsrs

Ja faz 3 dias que estou com ele, tirei a foto so hoje e esta perfeitinho!!! E olha que ja lavei louca, fui na piscina...e ta perfeito ainda!!! Q otimo!!!
Apareceu umas bolinhas, mas acho que deve ser o calor ne....ta muito quente aki!!! rs

Feliz Natal!!!!




a mix of salt-water tules (foreground) and fresh-water tules (background -- a sure sign that tidal action isn't operating the way it should, since the freshwater ones' roots don't tolerate salt or brackish water, but are getting enough freshwater off the surface layer of the slough to survive (that's why they only grow in the back, where the ground's high enough to only come in contact with fresh water)

tule bike racks

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